Who are we?

SM Solvency Accountants is a specialist accounting practice providing corporate and personal insolvency and advisory services.

Our priority mission is to provide clear communication to all stakeholders in a forthright and respectful manner.  We are committed to fostering relationships built on trust and competence, and working with other service providers and referrers who share those qualities.  We listen to all stakeholders and respect their opinions and concerns.

Without the overheads of larger, multi-disciplinary practices, SM Solvency Accountants provides an astute choice when focused, trusted insolvency services are required.

How do I organise a meeting?

The first step is to contact us on 1300 434 165 or email enquiries@smsolvency.com.au

What are my options?

The options available for companies and individuals/partnerships are different, and sometimes there may be more than one type of formal appointment to consider. It is also possible that a formal appointment of an insolvency practitioner may not yet be appropriate.

What if I cannot afford to pay anything?

In times of financial distress, either because you have creditors you cannot pay or you are owed money, it is reasonable that your resources may be limited.

Please contact us directly with your enquiry and will be pleased to do our best to try and help you.

How do I make an enquiry?

Please feel free to contact us on 1300 434 165 or email enquiries@smsolvency.com.au