How much am I owed?

If you do not know what your outstanding entitlements are following your redundancy, the Liquidator will typically provide an itemisation to you. However, if the records of your former employer are inadequate, this may not always be possible. If you can provide a reasonable estimate of your entitlements owed, you can submit a claim in the Liquidation and vote at creditor meetings (you can always submit a revised claim at a later date). Subject to the size of your employer, your employment agreement, and other factors, generally redundancy entitlements include a payment in lieu of notice and a redundancy amount.

What about my current year PAYG summary?

If these can be produced from the Company’s records, the Liquidator will typically do their best to make these available. However, this may not always be possible, in which case it is recommended that you contact the Australian Taxation Office about alternative arrangements.

What government assistance am I entitled to?

The Commonwealth Government operates a Fair Entitlements Guarantee Scheme which provides funding to eligible employees for entitlements owed arising from the liquidation or bankruptcy of their employer. The scheme does not cover superannuation and has a number of restrictions and conditions, including you must have been an Australian citizen or the holder of a permanent visa or special category visa that allows you to stay and work in Australia at the time your employment ended. You must make your own enquiries about your eligibility for Centrelink or other allowances. The Administrator or Liquidator will typically provide you with a written letter of termination which may assist.