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Frustrated customers fear they will not get their money back after a Gold Coast business went bankrupt

Gold Coast Bulletin

4 April 2016


CUSTOMERS fear they could be out of pocket by tens of thousands of dollars after a Gold Coast kitchen installation company went bust.

Lorraine Melling, a retiree, is one of many frustrated customers who paid Gold Coast Creative Kitchens for a job before the business went into liquidation.

A company search revealed the business went into external administration last Tuesday.

Ms Melling, who suffers from a congenital heart ­disease, said she desperately needed her kitchen reshaped to accommodate for her ­condition.

The 66-year-old, who can’t lift heavy items or reach above her head, said she forked out $10,500 in cash four weeks ago to the Arundel-based business, thinking she was saving a fortune on the job.

The job was priced at $21,000 but Ms Melling was told by the company that it would do it for half the amount if she paid in cash.

“I’m a retiree and have lived off a single-salary income my whole life and it’s hard to find the money to get things done, so I jumped at the chance to save a little bit,” she said.


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